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Eric Abernethy

CF L2, US Sailing Small Boat Instructor L1

Before CrossFit, I had never touched a barbell. I was a rock climber and Ultimate Frisbee/flag football player falling out of prime shape. I joined up to improve my abilities on the wall and the field but ended up falling in love with the community and continuous improvement of CrossFit.

Turning Point
In my early 20’s i was in tip-top shape; rock climbing four times a week, ultimate once a week all year, plus flag football for two months out of the year. After a while that wasn’t enough. I wasn’t climbing as much and I was getting slow and fat on the field. A friend of mine (who was a CFCL coach at the time) was always telling me about his workouts and I dismissed it as unbelievable. Then I joined up, and it just about killed me. But I improved and got faster and stronger at all the sports I loved, and I’ve stuck ever since.

Motivation & Passion
My motivation is seeing people do something they’ve never done before. Getting one of my athletes to a PR is as thrilling as hitting a PR myself.